Stylist Savannah Baker and Champ Issue #7

I am pleased to announce the launch of Ala Champfest Magazine Issue 7 this Saturday the 28th of September in Paris, with Savannah Baker as stylist for the cover story!  The issue features Phoebe Collings James, Styled by Savannah Baker, wearing a selection ofpieces from London based designers.

Themed 'You Have More Freedom Than You Are Using', this issue is bilingual in English and Japanese, and features the works of Shawn Stussy, Phoebe Collings-James, Shinsuke Takizawa of NBHD, Kenya Hara, legend Don Lets, Helmut Newton and Irving Penn - amongst highlights of remarkable art spaces worldwide, and international emerging creatives.

Quote from Champ - 'Champ is a printed journal of the best of the best in creativity and craftsman- ship around the world, of emerging and established creatives that we want everyone to know about. To inspire the use of as much independency and freedom as you can, through inspiration and influence. Through the abundance of information and media, to the many objects we ourselves possess, what is truly captivating and desirable? We hope that the insightful and knowledgeable content we collect and curate for you, will withstand the test of time and generations of culture and creativity.'

1 of 2 different covers for issue #7